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Charcoal Face Mask


Naitri presents to you a face mask enriched with the qualities of activated charcoal, tea tree oil, and cucumber. It detoxes, purifies and cleans the blackheads and whiteheads leaving back a fresh and glowing face

Instruction to use
Mix with rose water> Apply> Let it dry> Wash
For best result follow it up with the application of the Naitri Face Serum


  • Cleans off dust and other pollutants
  • Removes and reduces black and white heads
  • Prevents skin infections
  • General softned and soothened skin

Who can use it ?
Anyone can use it as it gently peels off the dirt and impurities. It is advised to use a serum after the mask has been peeled off to lock in the moisture. However, people with extremely dry skin should avoid using face masks, in general, as they can cause irritation


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