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Charcoal Face Pack


Naitri’s new Charcoal Face pack is a perfect blend for rejuvenating your skin. It harnesses the goodness of organic produce from dead sea, activated charcoal and foothills of Himalaya to maintain health of your oily skin.

Instruction to use
Wash your face with clean water> Mix the face pack with water, rose water preferred> Apply evenly on your face> Wash your face off with water or wipe away with towel


  • It restores the natural elasticity of the skin
  • Absorbs excess oil and dirt
  • Strengthens the uppermost /epidermal layer of skin

Who can use it ?
If you have oily skin , this can act as a game changer for you as it absorbs the dirt and excess oil from your skin. The people with dry skin should avoid using it, as skin might feel dry and flaky.


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